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I constantly acquire domains when I have a new idea but often let them expire when I pivot. Domaby's direct bidding platform solves this by allowing me to easily offload domains I'm no longer using.

Let your domain names work for you

Transform them into a high-converting bidding page with just a few clicks.

Transform Unused Domains into Profitable Opportunities

Don't let your dormant domains lie idle. Take control with our seamless service that enables you to turn them into interactive bidding pages.

Simply add your domain, configure the DNS, and receive a complimentary SSL certificate that enhances security and trust.

No domain transfer nessecary

Simply point your DNS to our system and you're ready to go.

No brokerage costs, no intermediaries

You'll be your own broker, receive bids straight in your inbox and you may contact the bidder directly.

Effortless Bid Management

Our intuitive dashboard streamlines your bid management process, enabling smooth negotiations and simpler arrangements.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

No subscriptions. No hidden fees. Just one-time payments.


$ 10

100 credits

4 domains

Landing pages for 4 domains

SSL for 4 domains

Receive unlimited bids

1 click email replies

$2.50 per domain

Indie Maker

$ 20

250 credits

10 domains

Landing pages for 10 domains

SSL for 10 domains

Receive unlimited bids

1 click email replies

$2.00 per domain


$ 35

500 credits

20 domains

Landing pages for 20 domains

SSL for 20 domains

Receive unlimited bids

1 click email replies

$1.75 per domain


$ 65

1000 credits

40 domains

Landing pages for 40 domains

SSL for 40 domains

Receive unlimited bids

1 click email replies

$1.63 per domain

*VAT not included
Register and receive 25 credits to add your first domain.
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Designed for everyone

Let's face it, we've all been tempted to collect domains.

Just registered a new domain name!

💡 Just bought a new domain name. Going to see if I can knock out v1 this weekend.

- buy the domain
- think about building the product
- convince myself it's a bad idea
- buy a new domain name


"Like many indie makers, I often buy domains for each new idea, only to see them sit unused. That's why I created Domaby. I realized I had unused domains that could be hidden gems. With Domaby, if someone stumbles upon one of these domains, they can at least leave an offer. Pretty handy, right?"

—Patrick, Founder of Domaby

Pronounced as "Doh-mah-bee" - like DOMAIN with a RUBY

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how Domaby works

Domaby is a service that lets you use your unused domains to receive offers directly through a bidding page. Simply point your DNS to Domaby, and you can start receiving bids without the need for a middleman or brokerage fees.

To get started, register a free account, add your domain and point your domain's DNS to Domaby. You will be issued an SSL certificate for your domain and a dedicated bidding page where potential buyers can place bids.

No, there are no monthly or recurring fees with Domaby. We operate on a credit-based system where adding a domain costs 25 credits. You only pay a one-time fee for each domain, aside from your usual domain renewal costs.

Credits are used to list your domains on Domaby. The cost per domain is 25 credits. You can purchase credits in packages, and the price per credit may vary depending on the size of the package you choose.

Yes, you can use Domaby alongside other brokers. Our platform is designed to complement your existing arrangements as long as you can point your domain’s DNS to Domaby.

No, there is no need to transfer your domain to use our service. Domaby facilitates the bidding process without requiring domain transfers.

While Domaby facilitates the bidding process, all actual transactions and final agreements are handled offline between the seller and the buyer directly.

Domaby provides a platform to receive bids but does not guarantee sales. The likelihood of a sale depends on the attractiveness of the domain and the bids received.

Security is a priority at Domaby. We provide SSL certificates for all domains pointed to our service to ensure that all bidding activity is encrypted and secure.

Domaby is a product of DigitalRuby, a company based in the Netherlands focused on innovative online services.

We'd be happy to help. Please let us know using our contact form and we'll reach out to you.